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In Mexico, education is the key in ensuring that children will have an opportunity to gain employment.


However it is not amongst the priorities for families who must struggle with poverty; 7.9% (almost 9 million) of the population is illiterate and the state of Chiapas is among the least developed in Mexico with almost 77% of the population living below the poverty line.

The lack of education is one of the most significant contributing factors to poverty; there are virtually no opportunities for people without education in Mexico.


With daily minimum wages so low, individuals without the training or education beyond high school are unable to compete in an economy, where even the educated struggle with laborer-scale wages, unable to afford a minimum standard of living.


Mision Surf Mexico is working to help to begin breaking the cycle of poverty by teaching them the importance of education from a very young age. A Mision Surf Scholarship will pay cover all financial costs of a childs educational journey. 

From as little as $10 a month you could help end the cycle of poverty.

Sponsor a child and help change the lives of the Villa del Sol community!

We proud to introduce M, the first children from Puerto Madero to receive our Misión Surf Scholarship. M and his brother P have always been a special part of Mision Surf, attending our

swimming and English classes.


M is our surfing superstar and we are proud to provide full financial aid as he continues his journey through education.

Contact us at misionsurfmexico@gmail.com for more information.

Introducing our littlest scholar, A, pictured above with her grandmother outside their home in Villa del Sol. A's family have been involved with Mision Surf since the beginning, with her

grandfather helping us to build Mision Surf.


They are a special part of Mision Surf's history, and we are so proud to be part of their future.

From as little as $10 USD a month you could buy uniform, a school bag and all the books needed for a year, and help change the lives of children like A!

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